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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Thanks to everybody who entered my giveaway for Daughter of Smoke and Bone and shared their favorite Halloween costumes!

And the winner is...

Magan Bagan!

I'll email the winner for her address.  Thanks again, everybody, and keep on reading!


magan bagan said...

Yay! I totally wasn't expecting this :)

Portugal said...

Enter practicaly perfect in every way, reserved, gorgeous, emotionally scarred, and not to mention forbidden lover, "Akiva". I took one long look at his description and new that it was going to be a LONG rest of the book. They really do have an outside connection, but I didn't appreciate the whole "I just met you but I know we're destined to be together" attitude they had going on. The least the author could've done was make him a little less beautiful. He was so sad all the time that I really just got annoyed instead of being sympathetic about his losses.