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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A TOUCH OF SCARLET Cover Reveal Giveaway!

I have been absent from this blog for quite some time, consumed with book revisions and personal challenges and going back to school. But A Touch of Scarlet releases six months from now, and I find myself wishing it were out now. If this book had a season, it would be fall. The story begins where A Breath of Eyre left off, with Emma starting her junior year at Lockwood Prep. But everything is changing—the leaves on the trees, her relationships, and most important, Emma herself. Feeling lonely and restless, Emma begins to run in the woods behind her school—sometimes in an attempt to evade her fears, other times in search of something that seems to be calling to her. As the ghosts of the forest draw her in, she comes face to face with the characters from Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter. And if she’s brave enough to face them, they might just have a lesson or two to teach her. Here’s the gorgeous autumnal cover!

To those who have already read A BREATH OF EYRE, you’ve probably seen the cover in miniature on the back flap of the book, but it looks so much lusher in full size! While ARCs won’t be available for several months, the book is available for pre-order. You can also add it to your Goodreads list. To celebrate the cover reveal, I am giving away a prize package that includes:
  • A signed copy of A BREATH OF EYRE
  • A signed cover flat for A TOUCH OF SCARLET
  • Bookmarks and magnets for both books

Just answer the following question in the comments: What is your favorite thing about fall? You’ll also get:

          +1 entry if you retweet this post (Win a signed copy of @evemariemont's A BREATH OF EYRE plus swag for A TOUCH OF SCARLET: http://tinyurl.com/9yeuluc)
          +1 entry if you post this link on Facebook
          +1 entry if you post the contest on your own blog (please leave a link here)

The giveaway is open internationally and will end at midnight E.S.T. on Tuesday, October 16. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

It happens to be my favourite season so I could say everything but mostly the rich dark colours, the leaves falling and that cool breeze in the evenings!!

Eve Marie Mont said...

Allison, it's my favorite season too, if it weren't for "back to school." Thanks so much for entering!!

Unknown said...

Favorite thing about fall.. The cold weather! Sure beats those hot days! I like in South Texas.. We have ALOT of hot days! lol!

Eve Marie Mont said...

Amanda, very true!! Thanks for entering!

Angelica R. Jackson said...

My favorite thing about fall is the return of the white-crowned sparrows. They spend the summer up at higher elevations, and then come down to the foothills in Sept-May. I can hear their sweet song from the garden right now!

Also tweeted @angelicarjaxon

Eve Marie Mont said...

Angelica, I just looked up what a white-crowned sparrow is--they're so cute! It was good to "see" you here again; thanks so much for stopping by the blog!

Jaime Morrow said...

My favourite thing about fall? I'm not sure I can limit it to just one. I love the coziness that comes with fall: the warmer clothing (scarves, boots), the colour of the leaves, pumpkins (and anything made of pumpkins), spice in almost everything I consume, more tea and hot beverages, rainy days that are perfect for reading or writing... It is by far my favourite season, and I look forward to it every year!

alicia marie said...

I love fall! I think it's probably my favorite season. I think my favorite thing is how the temperatures finally start getting lower and getting into jacket weather. And, I love watching all the leaves change colors on the trees : )

Alyssa Goodnight said...

LOVE it!! Cannot wait!

No need to enter me, but my favorite thing about fall is the cooler weather! (And the pumpkin, well, everything!)

Eve Marie Mont said...

Jamie, fall is def. my favorite season too, and you summed up a lot of great reasons why, esp. pumpkins & spice!

Alicia, jacket weather is great, too--a good excuse to take a brisk walk under the changing leaves.

And thanks so much, Alyssa, for stopping by! I can't believe we're both about to go through this madness for a second time!!

Vivien said...

I absolutely love Fall. It's my favorite. But most of all, I love the FOOD!!!!!


deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

javalotta said...

I love the Fall colors and cooler weather of course, the ambiance of bonfires, hot apple cider, pumpkin pie, and all the special food and drink associated just with Fall & Thanksgiving.;) Thanks for the giveaway!


Eve Marie Mont said...

I know, Vivien. What is it about cooler temps that makes us want to gorge on pie and herb stuffing and carbs galore?

And javalotta, you make me want to warm my hands around a bonfire while sipping cider and telling ghost stories. I'm surprised no one has said Halloween yet!

Christina Kit. said...

LOVE fall because of the leaves turning, creepy leafless branches tapping against your window right before you go trick or treating, and lots of jack-o'-lanterns:)

Thank you! Your books sounds so awesome:)

ccfioriole at gmail dot com

Tweet https://twitter.com/christinafiorio/status/255790802020757504

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/christina.condomaros/posts/371011212974950

Bumbles and Fairy-Tales said...

I love the fall, it is my favorite season of the year!
I love everything about it: the colors, the smells, wearing sweaters, boots... back-to-school for my kiddos too, lol!

Bumbles and Fairy-Tales said...

I tweeted too! I am looking forward to reading 'Scarlet' :)


Eve Marie Mont said...

Christina, ooooh, "creepy leafless branches tapping against your window"--reminds me of the beginning of Wuthering Heights!!

And Margie, I love being able to wear sweaters and boots. I'm beginning to think fall is everyone's favorite season!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

I love the cool weather. Hoodies and jeans, here I come!

Tweeted, too: https://twitter.com/CatchingWishes/status/255996238481207297

Eve Marie Mont said...

Thanks for entering, Chri!!

Sophie said...

Ooh, thank you for the giveaway!
I love almost everything about fall (yes, even going back to school :)). Today's favourites: Wearing my UNC hoodie, going for a run and seeing all the glorious colours, spiced tea.

And I tweeted:


longdidread at gmail dot com

Eve Marie Mont said...

Sophie, great choices; I love spiced tea! Running? Not so much... Thanks so much for entering!

Amethyst said...

My favorite thing about the fall is the weather (+ Halloween!). I prefer the semi-cold weather over the humid summer weather :)

The covers for A Touch of Scarlet and A Phantom Enchantment are gorgeous!

Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

Alicia said...

My favorite thing about fall is that I can wear sweaters and boots all the time.

Tweet: https://twitter.com/leasha_91/status/256600012161695744

Eve Marie Mont said...

Yay, I love Halloween too, States of Decay, especially scary movies!

And Alicia, yes to sweaters and boots! Fall fashion is the best.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

I meant to say IT looks very beautiful and lush, Eve! Blame that on my sticky keyboard . . . eating too much chocolate, I guess. LOL!


Unknown said...

Congratulations on you cover! I love fall because of all the bright colors, and it usually not too hot or too cold...sometimes. ;)

Megan@The Book Babe

Eve Marie Mont said...

Thank you, Kimberly!! Chocolate is worth some sticky keys in my book.

And Megan, yes to moderate weather. Finally!

sweety said...

Sadly,we don't have fall season in our country :(

Anyway,Thanks for the international giveaway!!

+1 Tweet Link:

+1 FB post link:

Total entries = 3


Tammy Sparks said...

What a fun giveaway! I guess Halloween has to be my favorite thing about Fall. I love horror, scary stories, and the cooler weather that comes at this time of year.

+1 for tweeting: @tammy_sparks
+1 for Facebook post: http://facebook.com/BooksBonesBuffy

Thank you!

Eve Marie Mont said...

Sweety, where are you from? You'll have to come visit to experience the changing leaves and fun fall holidays!

And Tammy, I absolutely love Halloween and scary movies and decorations!

Thanks for entering my giveaway!!

Anonymous said...

Great cover! Congrats :-D

Eve Marie Mont said...

Thanks, Petra!!

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